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Offer for individual clients

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We handle civil law cases, including in particular:

  • ownership right, easement, perpetual usufruct,
  • positive prescription, dissolution of co-ownership,
  • suits for payment, including debt collection in enforcement proceedings,
  • cases relating to contracts and related claims, in particular contracts for construction works, sales contracts, contracts of mandate, specific task contracts, insurance cases, (personal and property) damages,
  • intellectual property, namely cases relating to the protection of copyright and related rights.

In addition, we prepare lawsuits and pleadingsfor court cases. We prepare draft contracts e.g. sales contracts, rental contracts, lease contracts, contracts for construction works, contracts of mandate, specific task contracts, contract of lending for use.

If a case is presented to a court, the Legal Counsel represents his clients in ongoing legal proceedings.


Legal aid in respect of family law cases includes, among others:

Preparation of lawsuits, motions and representation of clients before common courts of law, in particular:

  • in divorce and separation cases,
  • in custody cases; in child support/alimony cases,
  • in dissolution of joint marital property cases, and division of joint marital property cases.

We handle inheritance law cases, including in particular:

  • confirmation of inheritance acquisition cases, acceptance and refusal of inheritance cases, inheritance division cases,
  • proceedings for payment of legitim.

We provide advice in respect of labour law and social security law, and offer assistance in the preparation of:

  • employment contracts, non-competition agreements during employment and after its termination,
  • preparation of lawsuits for reinstatement to work and payment of remuneration,  for recognition of ineffective termination of existing employment and remuneration conditions, for rectification of employment records, for establishment of terms and conditions of employment contracts, appeals from decisions of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

We offer legal aid in respect of administrative law involving, among others, construction law, surveying and mapping law, zoning law, environmental law, waste management law, personal data protection law, competition and consumer protection law, real estate management.

Furthermore, we:

  • prepare legal opinions in cases involving substantive administrative law and administrative procedures,
  • draw up requests to initiate administrative proceedings, and all requests and positions of the parties involved in ongoing proceedings,
  • prepare appeals from decisions of administrative bodies, complaints, appeals and cassation appeals to local appeal boards, administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • handle cases involving land and mortgage registers, and mortgages.

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